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Ruin - Rachel Van Dyken Another just OK one for me. Over the top, cheesy, and a bit after-school-special... catholic school, to be precise.


It started out kind of cool, with seemingly somewhat original voices rather than the typical immensely one-dimensional and cliched NA/YA characters. Here we are introduced to some plausibly insecure but "go-get-'em"-type new college students, with some intriguing personal-hardship stuff hinted at early on but left a mystery. All refreshing enough so far, and while I have no idea where any of it is going, its moving along and I'm sucked in. Alright!

Nope, it all comes screeching through the bend right into Cliché-Land after all:
After the very first evening with our hero and heroine draws to a close, our notoriously man-whore-ish lead is already converted to a one-woman man, meaningfully professing "With you I will always want more." Uuuugh. That's not romantic. That's just creepy. Big time. And also boring and overdone... Big time.

Some other issues:
- Pretty randomly there's about 63 mentions of the importance of a rape whistle (this is where the after-school-special feel comes in: "Pay attention kids. And if it's cool enough for bad-boy Wes to recommend it, it's cool enough for you, too!")
- There's an overly saintly group of friends-turned-family and an ever-so-convenient opposing-love-interest-turned-hero's-best-friend that rounds out the completely unbelievable and over-the-top, poor plotting that ensues.
- By the end it's completely blatantly faith-centric and overly cheesy, to boot; there's honestly an entire chapter or two that should be burned. I don't care how 'moved' the author was by something that clearly made her want to write this level of sap, but this is where the editing process comes in. And you must leave some things to the imagination of the reader.

So, not very good and I don't recommend it. But surprisingly I never considered not finishing it, either. It kind of reminds me of "Beautiful Disaster" in that, with a main character that's frankly kind of crazy, an overall cast of totally unbelievable characters and an over-the-top story line, but somehow it all still ends up strangely readable... Oh well, you've been warned.