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Night Pleasures - Sherrilyn Kenyon Overall a pretty cheesy and repetitive paranormal insta-love.

I got the Kindle edition for $1.99 and thought that was just barely worth it. Normally I think these books are closer to $8 or $9, in which case I would honestly have been pretty upset.

This was recommended to me as the first book of the series, though I definitely felt I was maybe missing out on some stuff as there isn't a whole lot of world-building. It was also definitely a case of insta-love. Or insta-lust at least. So, not the best, but I was interested enough and happily reading along.

By 30% I started getting a wee frustrated with the main character's immensely repetitive and cliched internal dialogue; it's just "[he couldn't explain why but] he couldn't get her out if his mind" over and over again... It's a cheap "telling" way of building sexual tension, I suppose, but I want the author to *show* me. So, as another fine cliche, we get "shown" a sexy dream sequence to tide us over that we're now 40% in and there hasn't been anything romantic in a while... At this point we're (still) playing the "Oh I want her so badly but she's human and I can't" game, you see.

Besides being light on story and hence repetitive, there's some plot holes, too. He can read/sense her thoughts, for instance, but when she's thinking that he's THE ONE quite early on, he suddenly has no idea what's going on in her head (or she's found some way to hide it, it's unclear). There's more of that on the overall plot-level, too.

Lastly, it really is pretty eye-rollingly cheesy. After just a few days of knowing one another it's "he means everything to me" and declarations of "forever true love" all over the place. Even visually it felt pretty unoriginal, like a plagiarized mash-up of the TV-show Angel and the movie Underworld (there's someone in a long black coat making a vertical drop complete with black coat flapping in the wind a la Selene).

If you're looking for a good paranormal romance, I'd recommend the Georgina Kincaid series, The Covenant series (even though it's more YA and decidedly less steamy, it's quite a bit better and actually even more romantic), or the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. This is just too simplistic and repetitive when there's other good stuff out there, in my opinion.